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5 Reasons To Choose Dog Guard of Hudson Valley
5 Reasons To Choose Dog Guard of Hudson Valley

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Proudly serving the following New York (NY) communities:

Orange County:
Newburgh, Middletown, Monroe, Warwick, Washingtonville, Montgomery, Goshen, Middletown, New Windsor, Port Jervis, Walden

Rockland County:
Spring Valley, Nyack, Suffern, Nanuet

Sullivan County:

Ulster County:
Kingston, New Paltz, Wallkill, Saugerties

Dog Guard Out of Site Fencing Products

Transmitters  -  Receivers  -  Accessories & Supplies  - Lupine Designer Collars Splice Kits - Battery  Reminder Plans


All Dog Guard transmitters feature a manufacturer's lifetime warranty.

Outside Transmitter, invisible fencing

Outside Transmitter - Details
Dog Guard®'s T-4 Outside Transmitter can be used on properties of up to 50 acres. The T-4 is in constant communication with your invisible underground dog fence. The unit features audible sounds and user-friendly lights to indicate that the system is functioning properly and keeping your pet(s) contained, or it alerts you to possible problems with the signal field.

Indoor Room Transmitter, indoor dog fences

Indoor Room Transmitter - Details
Dog Guard®'s RT-2 room transmitter acts like an invisible dog gate and is designed for indoor pet containment and can be used to keep your dog or cat contained in a particular area, or restrained from entering a particular area.

Receivers (return to top of page)

Dog Guard receivers & dog collars come in 3 different sizes, with each size specifically designed for maximum effectiveness with different size pets.

DG 9 XT dog collar

The DG 9 XT receiver is designed be used with medium to large "stubborn and tough-to-train” dogs, and is particularly effective with "runners" such as Huskies, Labs and hunting dogs. Details

DG5000 Receiver pet collars

The DG 5000 receiver for small to medium sized dogs weighing between 10 and 65 pounds. Details

DG Micro Receiver cat collar

The DG Micro receiver was created to be used with smaller pets weighing up to 10 pounds. Details

Accessories & Supplies  (return to top of page)

Battery Back-ups, dog accessories

Battery Back-ups
Battery back-ups will keep your Dog Guard system up and running for approximately 41/2 hours in the event of a power outage.

Button Batteries

Button Batteries
Button batteries are available in 6 Volt Lithium for the Micro Receivers only.

Cat & Dog Collar

Standard Cat & Dog Collars
Available in red, hot pink, blue, black, green or purple, our Dog and Cat collars feature quick release clasps and come in a variety of sizes: cat, xsm, sm, med, lg, xlg.

Probe Caps

Probe Caps
Probe caps are rubber caps that slide over the probes and prevent the pet from receiving a stimulus. They allow for training with an audible tone. These can be used during the initial training period, allowing the pet to learn the perimeter through the tone prior to initiating the stimulus.

Chew Protector

Chew Protector
Available for all Dog Guard receivers, chew protectors fit around the receiver in order to prevent your pet from chewing or otherwise damaging it. If you have experienced damage from a dog chew, you'll want to order this.


Probes come in a variety sizes and shapes, and are nickel plated brass that enable your Dog Guard dealer to insure optimum contact between the receiver and your pet


Shunts are resistors that can be placed on the receiver posts to control the maximum level of stimulus for each of the DG receivers. Shunts enable your Dog Guard professional dealer to customize the level of stimulus that is correct for your pet.

Remote Strips, pet accessories

Remote Strips
Remote Strips are made for hard to train or hard to contain pets. Instead of increasing the stimulation received by the pet, remote strips spread the stimulation out to the neck and ear area for safe and effective stimulation.

Silver Oxide Batteries

Silver Oxide Batteries
Batteries are tack welded and are available in 357 Silver oxide, 386 Silver oxide.

Surge Protector

Surge Protector
Protect your pet and automatically disconnect your transmitter in case of a rare catastrophic surge or direct lightning strike.

Invisible Dog Fence Wire Break Splice Kit

Dog Fence Professional Splice Kits (return to top of page)

We sell various sizes of dog fencing splice kits for the "Do It Yourselfer".

These are the same dog fence splice kits that we use with our professional installation and repair service. If you know where your pet fence wire break is, you can save a service call charge and repair your underground dog fence on your own.Get your professional grade wire with waterproof splice kits.

Need to Repair your Invisible Fence ®, Pet Safe ®, Innotek ®, Dog Guard ®, DogWatch ®, Perimeter ® or other brand of a pet containment system and want to fix it yourself?

Fix your pet fence wire break yourself and save your on a service call!

Designer Lupine Dog Guard Collars

Lupine Design Collars for Dog Guard Pet Fences
Lupine Collars for Dog Guard Underground Dog Fences
Lupine Solid Color Collars for Dog Guard Better Than Invisible Fence Collars

The Dog Guard Battery Reminder Plan  (return to top of page)

We understand that your life gets very busy and that you don't want to worry about whether batteries need to be ordered for your pet containment system.

That's why, with the Dog Guard Battery Reminder Plan, we remind you to change your batteries every 4 months for a whole year! When you subscribe, you will be mailed your batteries for the year. Simply change the battery when you get our reminder.

That's right! Every 120 days, we will automatically mail you a post card reminder to change the dog's battery.

Dog Guard Batteries Dog Guard Batteries

Reliability and Performance for Your Pet's Protection:
To ensure their reliability and performance, our batteries are specially welded together. These are not the same batteries that are available elsewhere online.

These are Official Dog Guard Batteries

Unlike multiple cell batteries which can break contact and cause your receiver to fail, Dog Guard batteries maintain 100% connection and are specifically engineered to be used outdoors.

That means ZERO CHANCE of the batteries breaking contact, ZERO CHANCE of a receiver not working due to battery failure and ZERO CHANCE of putting your pet's safety in jeopardy!

Between the superior quality of our batteries and the convenience of our the Dog Guard Battery Plan, your pet's on-going safety and protection is covered! 

A Dog Guard® Out-Of-Sight dog fence is an electric dog fence (or wireless dog fence) specifically designed to keep your pet safe and secure - indoors and out - and is a trademark of Sunward Electronics® and should not be confused with Invisible Fence®. Invisible Fence® is a registered trademark of Invisible Fence Inc. or DogWatch®. DogWatch® is a registered trademark of DogWatch Inc.

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