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How to Train Your Dog To Stay in the Yard

Hint… It has to do with a dog fence. 

Many people are asking, “How do I keep my dog in my yard?” And there’s good reason why they are asking that question! Dogs and puppies can be hit or killed by cars very easily. In fact, 1.2 million dogs are killed each year by cars. It’s a very sad statistic. And, did you know, that the number goes up for cats? Over 5.4 million cats are killed in the United States each year by cars.

So.. what do you do to keep your dog or cat from running away?

Well, you can certainly build a tall concrete wall and that will work.. But that’s not very reasonable.

Some people put up wooden privacy fences to keep their dogs from running away. Those sometimes work. Although, I have seen dogs jump those and jump chain link fences. It’s actually pretty amazing. But it’s not good if your dog is the one running away. Oh, and don’t even ask how much a chain link fence costs… They are very expensive. That’s probably why people are searching for the cost of a dog fence or dog fence cost so often on Google.

Is Dog Fencing Expensive?

You would think that all fencing is expensive, but that’s not the case. Dog Guard Out-of-Sight Fencing is both effective at training your dog to stay in the yard and is affordable!

The Dog Fence Installation Process

The steps we take to ensure that your dog doesn’t run away are far more than the leading competition of ours. Instead, with the Dog Guard Out-of-Sight Fencing, we can deliver 32 levels of correction to the dog receiver (some people call them dog shock collars). It’s somewhat true since it is a static shock that keeps the dog from running away.

Our technician walks around the property with you prior to any work being done. He will discuss with you what your thoughts are on where you want your dog to stay in the yard. Many times, we have an idea for your dog fence design or dog fence layout that you might not have had.

Then we get to work!

Using a special machine that digs a slit in the yard and buries the wire at the same time, our method of hidden fence installation is very effective. We work around your property with very little disturbance to your lawn or flower gardens. I’m sure that you’re probably trying to keep your dog out of the flower beds, so we’ll stay out too!

The dog fence wire that we use is a specially coated steel wire. The wire actually has copper bonded to it. So what this means is that we use a much stronger wire (the other guys usually use a thin copper wire). The stronger dog fence wire means that your fence will last longer and not need repairs or replacement as often. What does that translate to? More money in your pocket! We’d rather come one time to your home and do the job right – with the better materials – than keep coming back because your dog will not stay in the yard.

After we bury the wire around the property, we install a transmitter (the actual brains of the electric dog fence).  The cool thing about our transmitter versus the Invisible Fence brand transmitter is that we actually have 32 levels of correction on it. Even better than that, if there is an issue and your dog is not staying on the property, we can show you over the phone how to raise the strength. Other companies require you to pay a service charge just to do that.

When it’s time to train the dog on your new electric pet fence, we will send a professional and certified dog trainer to your home. We really stand out here because not many dog fence companies in the Hudson Valley will do that. They often have the same person who is digging the trenches as the one who is training your dog. We’ve decided that we were going to provide the best value and bang for your buck by including a professional dog training lesson.

Your dog should be off leash within a couple of weeks. Many times, it’s sooner! As long as you follow the guidelines of the electric dog fence training, your dog will be able to run freely around the yard.

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