Dog Guard Out-of-Sight Fencing has been the leader in Port Jervis, NY pet containment since 1988.  Our products are made in the United States in Troy.

With our unique dog training system, provided by our exclusive professional trainer, your dog will be able to run around free in a short time. Most dogs are off-leash with in 5-10 days. Sometimes sooner!

Dog Fencing in Port Jervis, NY – the hidden solution.

If you live in Port Jervis, you probably already know that there are leash laws enforced. We have had clients tell us that after getting that $100 ticket – multiple times, that they decide to call looking for a professional dog fence company near you.

Have you ever taken your dog for a walk in Elks-Brox Memorial Park? It’s a great place to have them enjoy the outdoors.  Port Jervis has a lot of great areas like that park to walk your dog. But not everyone can get out and take their pet for a walk.  That’s where we come in!

We will install a dog fence that is to your specifications and to your 100% satisfaction.  Would you like your dog to run all the way around the house? Or maybe you would like your pet to just be in the back of the house or in the front of the house. We can design a pet fence that suits your needs.

Port Jervis NY Dog Fence Company

How much is a professionally installed dog fence?

That depends on a few factors. One of the things that it depends on is how big your property is? Is it a Port Jervis village lot sized property? Or are you on the outside of the city and have an acre or more to fence in?

Another factor that changes the price of an electric dog fence is how many dogs you have. You will need a electronic dog collar receiver for each dog.

A few other factors that affect the price are whether or not you have more than one driveway, and other obstacles (like sidewalks). Those things affect the price of a dog fence by a little (not a lot).

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What’s the guarantee on my hidden dog fence?

We offer a fantastic 30 day money back guarantee on all of our installations. We only have had to give that money back to a customer since we have been in business – just one time. That was because the dog was aggressive and wanted to break through the fence and bite people. Other than that wild dog! We’ve been able to successfully contain all of our client’s dogs.

You can be sure that if we do encounter a training issue, we will be there to help. It’s what we do and it’s very important to us. We want your dog to run around the yard and have you happy, It’s so much fun to be able to let your pet outside and run around.

When the winter comes, or if it is raining, nothing is better than opening up the front door and letting the dog do their business outside. You will feel comfortable letting them do this if you choose us as your dog fence company near me (you!).

Dog Guard has been proud to serve the people of Port Jervis , NY since 1988, And our dealership (Dog Guard of Hudson Valley, LLC) has been service the residents of the city since 2004.

Please understand that we are not affiliated with Invisible Fence Hudson Valley, or Dog Watch Dave, or Pet Stop.