Hidden Dog Fence Company in Gardiner (NOT Dog Watch Dave)

Hidden Dog Fence Companies in Gardiner NY used to be hard to find. Many residents of Ulster County and of Gardiner and surrounding towns have  problem with their dogs running around the neighborhood. Tragically, their dog will either become lost or hit by a car. Responsible dog owners used to have to search for a reliable hidden dog fence company near me (and you!).

Our Hidden Dog Fence in Gardiner NY Reputation.

Dog Guard of Hudson Valley,  LLC is the solution for your pet fence needs. We’ve been in the Gardiner area since 2004 successfully containing people’s dogs.  Our corporate office, located in Troy NY, has been around since 1988 – longer than Dog Watch in Gardiner.Dog Fence Company Near MeWe’re recommended by local veterinarians like the Gardiner Animal Hospital. Your dog might even be a patient of Dr. Goodnow.  Stop in the office and ask who they refer for underground dog fences.

In addition to being recommended by the best vets in the Hudson Valley, we are also the only hidden dog fence company that is Accredited A+ by the Better Business Bureau.  No other pet containment company in the area is accredited. We’ve actually been thoroughly interviewed by the BBB and they’ve made a decision to accredit us.  What does this mean to you? Using a company that has been accredited gives you the added protection as a consumer. Dog Watch Dave, Pet Stop and Invisible Fence of the Mid-Hudson Valley are NOT accredited. If you ever have an issue with those companies…. well, good luck!

Here’s just one of the many happy clients we have giving us her testimonial of how her hidden dog fence keeps her dog safe at home.

How are our hidden fence systems different than the other guys?

The Dog Guard Out-of-Sight Fence system is very different than what the other dog fencing companies are using.

Our system has 32-level correction settings, which will ensure to keep your dog safe on your new hidden fence.  We have the ability to adjust that setting with you over the phone.  You probably won’t need to do that, however. Other companies charge $125 just to come out and make a setting adjustment.

Our hidden dog fence system also has two zones. What this means is that when your dog gets to the edge of the dog fence, he will receive a sound (beep) with a low level stimulation. Usually the dog retreats at that point. But if he does continue into the second zone of the fence, he will receive a stronger stimulation. This keeps your dog safe at home on your property.  Not every hidden dog fence company has this feature – but we do!

The wire that we use, all though you can’t see it – not that it is invisible – but it gets buried, is a heavy gauge wire. We prefer to use a higher quality steel core wire that is bonded with copper. It’s over 30 times stronger than the thin spaghetti copper wire that some of the other companies are using. What this means to you is that our wire will last a long time and you are less likely to have your hidden fence stop working.

Gardiner NY residents now have a reliable hidden dog fence company to call. (845) 527-2554  We promise to exceed your pet containment needs. After all, we treat your dog like family.

Dog Guard® Out-Of-Sight dog fence is an electric dog fence (or wireless dog fence) specifically designed to keep your pet safe and secure – indoors and out – and is a trademark of Sunward Electronics® and should not be confused with Invisible Fence®. Invisible Fence® is a registered trademark of Invisible Fence Inc. or DogWatch®. DogWatch® is a registered trademark of DogWatch Inc.