The summer heat can be brutal for dogs. With the temperature steadily rising, it is important to know how to keep your pup safe from overheating and dehydration while still providing them with a lot of exercise. The following are some tips for making sure your furry friend stays cool this summer:

 1) Keep your dog indoors when it’s too hot outside. It gets hot in the Hudson Valley during the summer.

 – To determine whether it’s too hot for your dog, check the temperature. If it is above 80 degrees Fahrenheit, then they should stay inside with a fan or air conditioner running in their room. They’ll also need access to plenty of water and shade outdoors. The safest place for your dog to be indoors when it is hot.

 – When it’s too hot outside, a dog can overheat quickly. Signs of overheating include excessive panting or drooling, and vomiting.

 2) Don’t think for one minute that your dog will be okay in a hot car – even if the windows are open.

 Cars can be very hot even on a cool day. On hot days, they can quickly turn into ovens that will cook your dog to death.

 – Dogs don’t have sweat glands and their mouths are built differently than humans, so it’s very hard for them to release heat by panting or getting wet as we do. You’ll see dogs drooling excessively because the saliva evaporates off of their tongue faster than normal; this is an instinctual way for them to try cooling themselves down without resorting to panting which would just make them hotter

 – If you need something from inside the car but leaving your dog in there with all the windows closed, crack open one window before you get out – as long as it doesn’t start raining heavily or get too windy

 3. Provide plenty of water and shade for your dog to stay cool.

 They need water just like you do, so make sure they have plenty of water. If you’re in an area with trees around or a shady spot for your dog to lie down, make sure they can access this as well. How much water do dogs need, you ask? Well, the rule of thumb is one cup for every ten pounds of weight.

 By having one of our hidden dog fences, they can lay in the shade of the trees.

The typical summer heat is usually hard on humans. The same goes for dogs!

 4. Take shorter walks during the hottest parts of the day.

 It is often cooler in the mornings and evenings, so if you’re planning on taking a walk with your dog this is the time to do it. Dogs love to exercise in the morning and evening hours, so it will make them happy as well!

 5. Make sure there is enough fresh air inside, as well as ventilation if you’re using an air conditioner.

 Air conditioners are important to have when you own a dog. They are the best way to cool your dog down when they’re overheating. It is important that you don’t leave your pet alone inside for long periods of time, as in extreme heat it can be deadly! A good temperature to set the air conditioner at is between 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit.

 I hope this blog post has helped you learn more about dogs and how to keep them safe during these summer months! They are right around the corner.