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How Dogs Can Benefit Those in Assisted Living

As we continue National Pet Week, we would like to let you know more about how dogs can help those in assisted living situations.

According to the American Senior Communities blog, around 1 million seniors and vets receive some sort of assisted living service. Unfortunately, a lot of seniors who are in assisted living is because they do not have adult children and/or family available to care for them. This is unfortunate because at least 35% of seniors living in assisted living stay a year or longer.

Most assisted living communities strive to keep the seniors at the facility socially active. They provide them with chances to mingle with others. If family is close, their family is able to come and visit them on a regular basis. But, some seniors do not have that luxury. As a result, staying in assisted living can become lonely. This loneliness may lead to a long road of depression. That’s where dogs and assisted living come into the picture.

Dogs and Senior Citizens in Assisted Living

Many assisted living facilities have two options who want the companionship of a dog during their stay. Some facilities allow seniors to bring their pets with them. Others allow pet trainers to come visit the center on a regular basis. This allows senior citizens the chance to interact, pet, and talk to the dogs.

Dogs can benefit those in assisted living. Statistics show that seniors who have a dog near during their assisted living seem less stressed than those without. Dogs who visit or live in assisted living with a senior offer companionship. That companionship that many senior citizens look forward to.

As a conclusion, studies actually show that having a dog can in fact improve the overall health of seniors living in assisted living. It’s shown that dogs can decrease stress, decrease blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and improve a senior citizen’s overall mood. Dogs are also a great way for senior citizens in assisted living to have a chance to increase their energy.