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Remembering Turid Rugaas: A Pioneer in Canine Communication and Training

On this International Women's Day we would like to honor Turid Rugaas. Turis Rugaas was a Norwegian dog trainer and behaviorist who dedicated her life to improving the lives of dogs and their human companions. She was born in 1946 in Norway and began her career as a dog trainer in the 1980s.

Turid RugaasTurid is best known for her work on canine body language and communication, and she authored several books on the subject, including "On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals" and "The Language of Dogs." Her research and writing have had a profound impact on the field of dog behavior and training, as she was one of the first trainers to emphasize the importance of understanding dogs' nonverbal cues and using them to improve communication and build trust.

Throughout her career, Turid traveled extensively, giving lectures and workshops on dog behavior and training in many countries around the world. She was a passionate advocate for training methods and worked to promote more compassionate ways of training dogs.

Turid's contributions to the field of dog behavior and training have been widely recognized and celebrated. Her work has inspired countless trainers and dog owners around the world to approach dog training with greater empathy, understanding, and respect for the needs and preferences of dogs. Although Turid passed away in 2020, her legacy continues to live on, and she remains a beloved figure in the world of dog training and behavior.

You can read more about Turid at her website: