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What is National Pet Week?

National Pet Week is usually celebrated the first week of May. This year, National Pet Week is celebrated from May 7 – 13th, 2017. The American Veterinary Medical Association founded this week 35 years ago.

Each year, the American Veterinary Medical Association places a theme with National Pet Week. This year the theme focuses on pet owners and the lifetime commitment they make for their pets. But, the main focus isn’t just the food, water, and shelter we provide them. It’s about providing them with the necessary veterinarian visits to keep our pets happy and healthy.

National Pet Week: The AVMA’s Challenge to Pet Owners and Veterinarians This Week

This National Pet Week, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) wants to help pet owners nationwide provide the best possible care for their pets. As a result, they’ve set up 7 tips for pet owners. There’s a tip for each day on the AVMA National Pet Week website.

The tips range from choosing the right pet for your family to taking a visit to your veterinarian. Other tips include getting out and exercising and understanding the value you bring when you spay or neuter your pets. As well as preparing for emergencies and socialization.

Pretty much, the challenge is set up to promote responsible pet ownership. The main goal of the 7 day challenge during National Pet Week is for pet owners to promote a happier, healthier pet in 7 days.

But, of course, pet owner’s commitment doesn’t stop here. The AVMA also wants to promote pet owners providing their pets with a “lifetime of love” this National Pet Week. As always, the AVMA wants YOU to remember what it takes to be a responsible pet owner. So, this National Pet Week, and beyond, always remember the key phrases when it comes to responsible pet ownership: commit, invest, obey, identify, limit, and prepare.

For more information on the AVMA’s 7 day challenge during National Pet Week, you can visit their website here