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Affection – The Right and Wrong Time to Show it

Affection – the right and the wrong time to show it.

You should share your affection with your dog when it is earned. Dogs are very affectionate animals and touch means a lot to them – in their natural environment and in your family environment too. However, you have to make sure that you give the affection at the appropriate time.

The best time to give affection is after your dog has eaten or exercised. Another great time is after he has switched from his behavior that you don’t want to behavior that you do want. When he responds to a rule or command is another great time to show affection. When he jumps on you and demands to be petted, it is not a good time to show affection. Doing so teaches him that he is in charge, not you. You’re the dog trainer – not the other way around!

Practice giving affection to your dog when he is calm. Ask him to sit down. Share your affection on your terms. He will soon realize that there is a correct way to get the things he wants, including affection. Remember, whenever you give affection you are reinforcing the behavior that preceded it. If you give affection when he is fearful, anxious, begging, barking, or breaking rules in your home, you are reinforcing that behavior.